Beauchamp Bespoke

At Beauchamp Beauty we’ve selected a number of treatments, chosen just for you.

These treatments are unique to you; designed to address your particular concerns for your optimum benefit and relaxation.

Tranquil Scalp Massage

Massaging the scalp releases tension in the forehead and scalp areas, stimulating mental function. It is also a great way to aid the circulation to your scalp and can help maintain health hair follicles.

Duration 30 mins          Cost £50.00

Aroma Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The best massage to relieve tension and built up stress. Using aromatherapy oils this amazing back, neck and shoulder massage gives perfect stress-relieving relaxation.

Duration 30 mins          Cost £45.00

Aroma Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage promotes relaxation and improved sleep, easing the symptoms of stiff, tired joints, encourages improved circulation and speeds up digestion. A soothing and relaxing treatment using aromatherapy oils.

Duration 60 mins          Cost £65.00

Legs & Feet Massage

Relieves the everyday aches and build up of water retention around the ankles by massaging the whole length of the leg with attention to the feet and ankles.

Duration 30 mins          Cost £45.00