OPI Hands and Feet

It’s not just about pretty fingers and toes !

Our professional manicure and pedicure treatments are sublime…they exfoliate your skin, increase blood circulation, leave a softer and cleaner appearance, all with the added benefit of greater health to your hands and feet.


OPI Full Manicure

This is our most indulgent manicure treatment which includes file, scrub, cuticle work, hand & arm massage, finished off with lacquer of your choice.

Duration 1hr          Cost £40.00

Mini Manicure

A high quality popular manicure treatment consisting of file, cuticle work and lacquer to finish.

Duration 30 mins          Cost £27.00

File and Paint

An express treatment for when you just need a tidy up with a refresh of colour.

Duration 15 mins          Cost £20.00

OPI Full Pedicure

Full-on pamper treat for your feet! File & cuticle work with scrub and masque, particular attention to hard skin areas of the foot, also includes foot & lower leg massage, and lacquer.

Duration 1hr          Cost £45.00

Mini Pedicure

Choose between cuticle work or hard skin areas, with file and lacquer to finish.

Duration 30 mins          Cost £30.00

OPI GelColor

Shine intense colours that cure in 30 seconds and last for weeks! Upgrade only to any OPI hand or foot treatment with GelColor.

Cost £15.00          French Finish requires a further 15mins extra time and incurs an additional cost.          Additional Cost £5.00