ELEMIS Time Out for Men

Men’s skin behaves differently to women’s. Shaving, fatigue and sport all make their own demands. ELEMIS responds with high performance facial therapies designed to restore energy, dynamism and lustre to male skin.


FACE | Touch

High Performance Skin

This is the hard-working facial for ageing, stressed, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. An energising treatment that speaks to every skin concern, restoring vital moisture and nutrient levels. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation and finished off with the uniquely nourishing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream which is worked into a receptive, revitalised skin for a vibrant and energised result.

Duration 30 mins        Cost £40.00               Duration 1hr      Cost £65.00

BODY | Touch

Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

This is a vigorous workout for the body, perfect to alleviate high stress levels. Tailored entirely to your needs, it leaves you feeling grounded and focused. Your therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain, stress relief, pure relaxation or emotional balance. Skin is prepped to release toxins and the flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. As effective as an hour’s stretching, but so much more nurturing.

Duration 30 mins         Cost £42.00               Duration 1hr      Cost £65.00

Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage

Nothing gets into the belly of the muscle like a hot stone. Bathed in your choice of aromatherapy oil, a curated range of warmed stones are selected to address exactly what you need. They are worked over the body, deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension at a profound level, persuading the muscles to release their trapped energy. The result is sparkling vitality with the added bonus of intensely hydrated skin.

Duration 1hr               Cost £85.00

TOUCH | Couture Touch

Couture Touch

The perfect introduction to ELEMIS. This is a dynamic approach to top-to-toe couture care. Condition your skin and condition your muscles with this all-embracing hands-on experience. Combine any 60 minute ELEMIS hands-on TOUCH facial with your personalised Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage or Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage.

Duration 2hr             Cost £120.00

Essential Time Out for Men

Gentleman’s Man-icure            Duration 1hr      Cost £30.00

Gentleman’s Pedicure              Duration 1hr      Cost £35.00



Full back                                     Duration 30 mins       Cost £28.00

Full chest                                    Duration 30 mins       Cost £28.00

Half chest                                   Duration 15 mins       Cost £17.00

Tummy or lower back              Duration 15 mins       Cost £15.00

Eyebrow shape                          Duration 15 mins       Cost £18.00